Training for the New Year

The New Year started with a stomach flu, but that didn’t stop me from snowshoeing six miles and leading yoga for my family by the fire tucked in all cozy at the Camp Creek Cabin up on Mount Hood.  I’ve thrown myself into my training.   The goal(s):  Climb as much rock as possible, starting with Thailand this April, Summit Mount Rainier, and maintain my daily yoga practice.   *as well as Sail Sail Sail*

The above image was taken this weekend snowshoeing above White River on Hood.   Four miles in, there is a ton of exposed rock due to the unusually low snow levels this year.  I was able to toe kick and get atop this sweet little ridge which hooked up with the Timberline trail and then traversed over to Silcox Hut.  It was near forty, sunny and pure deliciousness, although I started late in the afternoon (yoga first) and the snow was pretty darn slushy.  Fortunately I was in shade for a bit which made for some crunchier travel.  Add a heavy pack and I’ve discovered snowshoeing is a great training exercise for building my mountain cardio endurance.  It seems like I run out of breath so easy, but when I see the distance I cover and how long it took I realize maybe I’m not as weeny as I think or maybe I am.  I’ll go with Burke-Weiner and then decide.

The training schedule is:

Yoga daily.  Climb 3-4 days a week.  (need to make this 4 a min.)   Run 3-4 times a week.  (currently I’m hating running, but it’s good for the training, so I’m pushing through the dislike.)  Hike/Snowshoe/Ski 1 week to get outside and push harder where I enjoy being most: OUTSIDE.

I took a year off climbing and even before that I’d only been back for six months after a three year hiatus – so I have a -l o n g- way to go re-polishing my climbing strength – but I am a determined monkey and have extreme clarity on what I want.  Kristen has been most gracious waiting for me to catch up.  While she can lead 10++ and 11 and run laps on TR, I’m celebrating finally getting 10- on TR.  I’m hard on myself, so it’s discouraging – but I have to remind myself Rome wasn’t built in a day and I already am enjoying the journey along the way to my goals, so no worries.  I pulled a pulley (right pinky) three weeks ago and it is still giving me grief…..oh those pulleys.   I’m feeling really strong this week all around, which is quite nice.